World Class Reining

World Class Reining
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World Class Reining covers the entire spectrum of training and showing a reining horse and is lavishly illustrated throughout with four-color photography that gives it a ?coffee table? book feel and look. The authors, Shawn Flarida and Craig Schmersal, are two of the best reining horse trainers in the business. They?ve trained and shown some of the highest earning horses in the industry, and both men have helped their share of successful non-pros. This book escorts the reader through all the steps of owning, riding, showing and caring for the reining horse. Tapping into their experience, Shawn and Craig offer advice and ideas for a winning training program. Breaking down the horse?s training process into individual maneuvers, Shawn and Craig reveal training techniques that they?ve perfected over the years. The two trainers outline their methods for making sure the horse?s start is right, the training consistent and the finish polished. These are basic teaching steps that can be used, whether training a reining horse, maintaining the complete show horse or simply hoping to improve a horse?s behavior. The authors also recommend valuable show pen strategies that make the difference. Written by Shawn Flarida, Craig Schmersal with Kathy Swan - Paperback - 160 pages
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