Tierra Encantado: New Mexico Cowboys DVD

Tierra Encantado: New Mexico Cowboys DVD
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Four hundred years ago, Spaniards introduced the horse to the American West. El caballo, as the Spanish called him, had a profound effect on this new world. The horse provided transportation for the padres, gave Native Americans mobility. And for the Vaqueros, he provided the underpinnings for the ranching culture and the foundation for the American Cowboy. The descendants of those early settlers still live in New Mexico and many of them still speak the dialect of the Conquistadors. The foundation the Spaniards laid for ranching is still practiced on the big spreads — the Bell Ranch, Pecos Ranch and San Cristobal Ranch. It’s all part of this great Southwestern melting pot where Spanish, Indian and Anglo come together, each preserving their own traditions, but forging a colorful culture unique to Tierra Encantado — the land of enchantment. 96 miunutes.
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