Saddle Bronc Riding with the Etbauer Brothers DVD

Saddle Bronc Riding with the Etbauer Brothers DVD
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No name has ever had the same impact as the name “Etbauer” in saddle bronc riding. Robert, Billy, and Dan have 22 NFR qualifications. Add World Championship status and many other titles and you have a legend in the making. Saddle bronc riding is a true art form as well as a sport. Finesse and style are essential elements. The Etbauers have gained a solid reputation instructing novice and advanced student. This video is the next best thing to attending their school. You will learn how to buy and adapt the best equipment; how to set the saddle and measure the rein. You’ll learn timing, the spur lick and style for extra points. Safety procedures in the chute and at the whistle are important. And don’t overlook attitude; it’s got to be right. Make the whistle on a dirty one; score a couple of points higher; and you’ll thank the Etbauers for the Winning Edge.
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