On Independence Creek: The Story of a Texas Ranch

On Independence Creek: The Story of a Texas Ranch
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Deep in southwest Texas a creek pours into the Pecos River. It is that river’s largest freshwater tributary. Charlena Chandler’s grandfather, Charles Chandler, settled near the mouth of Independence Creek in 1900 and ranched there for many years. Her father, Joe Chandler, saw even more potential for the green valley. Over the years he built one of the most popular recreation areas in southwest Texas. For forty years it was the only such area on the Pecos River in Texas. Charlena Chandler goes beyond the history of the ranch to tell a more personal story. She recounts the experiences of her grandparents and parents, and recalls her own childhood on the ranch. She tells of the good times, such as sleeping on her grandfather’s porch under starry night skies, fishing and swimming in the creek, and deer hunting, as well as the bad—life during the Depression, family strife, and the time the creek flooded, destroying the camp. Written by Charlena Chandler - Paperback 203 pages
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