Jesse and Frank James: The Family History

Jesse and Frank James: The Family History
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Anxious to bask in the reflected glory of the James clan, many people have claimed a family connection to these two famous outlaws. Now noted Western historian and folklorist Phillip W. Steele has penned an authoritative chronicle of the James family, drawing on sources newly discovered in the past two decades. Anecdotes, family stories, and complete genealogies of all members accurately document the James clan's history in this entertaining, readable volume, which includes more than forty rare photographs. Individuals who believe they may share a blood tie with the James brothers will find this book invaluable in authenticating their claim; those who are merely captivated by the romance and mystery of two of America's most wanted men will discover much to add to their understanding of these celebrated figures. Journey through the old West with Jesse and Frank James and trace the history and heritage of these American folk heroes. Written by Phillip W. Steele - 112 pages - Paperback
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