Holo Holo Paniolo: Hawaiian Cowboys DVD

Holo Holo Paniolo: Hawaiian Cowboys DVD
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It all started in 1833 when King Kamehameha recruited 3 vaqueros from Alta California to train the Hawaiians how to ride, rope and catch the wild cattle. And that is what you will do as you see the workings of twenty ranches across 5 islands. The Hawaiian cowboys inherited a rich history when three California vaqueros arrived on the islands to teach the Hawaiians how to rope, ride and catch the wild cattle. From this beginning they developed their own style by chasing down those wild critters on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, roping them and necking them to a tree. The next morning, the paniolo would untie the snorting bull; snub him to his saddle horn and lead him down the mountain. Needless to say, this demanded great horsemanship and uncommon bravery. 98 minutes.
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