Firefighter's Night Before Christmas

Firefighter's Night Before Christmas
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Who needs eight flying reindeer when Santa has a shiny red fire truck? It?s the Christmas Eve shift at Firehouse One, and all the firefighters are sitting down to bowls of hot chili when an old fireman stops by for a bite to eat. No sooner than it takes for the old man to finish his chili, the alarm sounds and the firemen have to leave to fight a fire. They work through the night and return, tired, and begin to ready their equipment for the next call. But wait! As they pull into the station, they notice that theirs is the only yard with snow, and there?s a shiny new pumper standing ready. There are even more surprises inside for each firefighter, and as the lieutenant finishes his paperwork, he notices that the old man has listed all the firefighters? names and who was naughty or nice. Everyone at Firehouse One is left to wonder who that old fireman might have been. 32 pages - Hardback w/dustjacket - Written by Kimbra Cutlip and Illustrated by James Rice
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