Cowboy Justice: Tale of a Texas Lawmen

Cowboy Justice: Tale of a Texas Lawmen
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From the badlands of Texas in the late nineteenth century, Jim Gober—cowboy, lawman, gambler, saloon keeper, homesteader, horse-race promoter, private detective—both hunter and hunted . . . a real-life hero. Jim Gober had a code of ethics that he adhered to throughout his life. His code made him the man he was, and it cost him dearly. It was an ethic based in loyalty, and it was the central force in his life story. It compelled him to leave home at fifteen. It drove him to cowboying on the ranges of West Texas. It catapulted him into politics as the youngest elected sheriff in the US. It made him the target of hired assassins. Written by Jim Gober and edited by James R. Gober and B. Byron Price - Paperback - 327 Pages
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