Christmas at the J-O

Christmas at the J-O
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Patricia and Jason are snug in their beds after finishing their chores early, when Patricia hears the corral gate banging in the wind. Not wanting her mother to find out she didn't do her chores right, she sneaks outside with Jason into the dangerous storm. They close the gate, but the wind and ice keeps them from making back to the house, so they prepare to spend the night in the barn. Worried about their father, who is still out in the cold, they make their beds on loose hay in a horse stall, not expecting the special surprise that will make this a wonderful Christmas after all. James Rice is widely acclaimed as the South's leading author and illustrator of juvenile books. With more than 1,000,000 copies of his books in print, he ranks among the nation's top authors and illustrators. CHRISTMAS AT THE J-O Written and Illustrated by James Rice 32 pp. 8½ x 11 Color illustrations ISBN: 1-56554-087-5 EAN: 978-1-56554-087-3 Hard Cover
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