Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride - Paperback Edition

Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride - Paperback Edition
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Movingly written, Richards spent over twenty years meticulously researching, interviewing, and capturing vibrant memories and recollections of the six-time world champion saddle bronc rider. Born in a log home in the wilds of South Dakota, the youngest of ten children, Tibbs grew to be the most well-known, popular rodeo star of all time. Richards' biography is all-inclusive and also covers the Roberts family, including rodeo greats Ken, Gerald, and E.C. Roberts, along with Jim Shoulders, Deb Copenhaver, Carl Olson, Ben Johnson, Gene Pruett, Bill Linderman and so many more. In addition, Richards recounts Casey's phenomenal success in Hollywood and his friendship with Audie Murphy, his Las Vegas associations, and his world tours promoting rodeo and the Wild West. Richards does not gloss over Casey's battles with alcohol and gambling addictions, either. This is a biography that inspires, amuses, saddens, and gives real meaning to determination and grit. Casey Tibbs deserves to have his story told, and Rusty Richards has done an excellent job of doing so.
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