Behind the Chutes DVD

Behind the Chutes DVD
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This isn't a high priced sport where the competitors are earning millions of dollars. On the contrary, this is a sport where the athlete travels great distances at his own expense, pays to enter, and he isn't guaranteed anything but eight seconds and a chance to display his abilities. There are long drives from state to state. The hazards on the road can be as great as those in the arena. Braving blizzards in the winter, thunderstorms in the south, and thousands of miles of monotonous roads. It also means a lot of miles and expenses... gas, food, motels, clothing, truck repairs, entry fees, and rodeo gear ... are deducted from your winnings. There is no workman's compensation in this industry. If you don't ride, you don't earn any money. It is not uncommon for these cowboys to ride in great pain to fulfill a commitment to compete. Miss a rodeo? Not if they can help it. But why? What is it about these men that make them want to devote so much of their life to an eight second ride? And what is it about the ride that creates such an addictive passion? And what makes a man, years later, get that sparkle in his eye when he reminisces about his rodeo days? Why do you put it all on the line for eight seconds?
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